Tournament rules

The tournament will be played with the official rules of volleyball, with some additions. The official rules can be found here:
http://ltf.lt/lt/ltf.dokumentai/tinklinio.taisykles/tinklinio (in Lithuanian)
http://www.fivb.org/EN/Refereeing-Rules/RulesOfTheGame_VB.asp (in English, French, Russian)

Team formation

Teams will be mixed with both male and female players. There has to be a minimum of 2 women on the court at all times.

Player substitutions

Substitutions can be done in two ways:
– either as described in the standard rules
– or by rotating in new players in a certain position on the court (but not if using a libero)

Libero players

Teams can choose to use a libero player.
– teams can choose their libero for one set at a time, so liberos can be switched between sets
– the same person can be used as a libero in one set and as a regular player in another set in the same match
– if a libero is used, it is not possible to use “rotation substitutions“

Match format

Matches will be played in best of 3 sets, so matches will end with either 2-0 or 2-1. The first two sets will be played until 25 points. A third set is played only if it is needed, and then it is played until 15 points.
– matches can be shortened if the tournament schedule gets delayed during the day
– if a match is shortened, then the first two sets will start with a score of 5-5, and played until 25 points
– the referees will inform the team captains if the match will be played with a shortened format

Late arrival to a match

If a team arrives late for a match, there will be a penalty.
– if one team is late by 5-9 minutes, then they will lose the first set by 0-25 and the match will be played from the second set
– if one team is late by 10 minutes or more, then they will lose the match by 0-2 (0-25, 0-25)
– if both teams are late for a match, then both of them will be recorded as losers of the match

Time outs

Each team has the right to call one time out per set.

Group positions

The final group positions will be decided by the following factors in the following order:
1. matches won
2. sets difference in all matches
3. sets won in all matches
4. points difference in all matches
5. points won in all matches
6. match results between the involved teams
7. drawing of lots

Warm-up and match preparations

Teams should perform their warm-up outside the courts. On the court there will be only 5 minutes of spiking at the net. When one match ends, the referee will immediately perform the drawing of lots for the next match together with the team captains for that match.

Delays in the schedule

Matches will be started on times according to the schedule. If a previous match takes longer to complete than the scheduled time, then the offical starting time of the next match will be 5 minutes after the end of the previous match.


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